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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Most Customers Ask…We Have Answers!

How do I pay for my prescriptions?

You can pay for your prescriptions with cash or insurance as we accept most insurances.

Can I refill a prescription Online?

Yes, you can conveniently refill up to 6 prescriptions online on our Contact Us page. It takes just a few minutes and you can use a computer, table or your mobile phone.

What medications does the Macon Pharmacy keep in stock?

Macon Pharmacy has thousands of medications available. These are medicines most frequently prescribed by the Middle Georgia providers. Stop by the pharmacy or call us to ask if we have a particular medication in stock. Please ask the pharmacy about special orders if we do not carry your medicine. Special order medication may require 24 to 48 hours to process.

If I have prescription with refills originally filled at another pharmacy, can I have my prescription filled at Macon Pharmacy?

YES! We are able to accept your prescription as long as there are valid refills on the prescription, if our pharmacy carries the medication. Complete the form on our Contact Us page completely and we will contact you.

Can I use a prescription insurance card at Macon Pharmacy?

We currently accept Family PACT and many other health insurance plans.  Bring your pharmacy insurance card (or a copy) with you to Macon Pharmacy along with your prescription(s).  We will check to see if your insurance will allow us to fill your prescription(s).  If we can fill your prescription, we will also let you know if you have a co-pay charge and how much it is.